Friday, October 10, 2008

It smells like fall..

One of my favorite things about the beginning of fall is that I get to bring back my signature fall scent:

Burberry Brit:
a green oriental fragrance that features a surprising mix of sugar and spice.
heart notes: sugared almond and white peony.
dry down notes: amber, mahoganywood, tonka beans and vanilla
I love it. I have been wearing this fragrance every fall and winter sense I discovered it about 4 years ago. Just the smell of it makes me want to slip on a cashmere sweater, wrap up in beautiful scarf, grab a pumpkin spice latte and go to a good football game. Unfortunately it is in the upper 80's today and although I smell like fall, I might as well put a bathing suit and go work on my tan...Oh the joy of living in Texas...Oh well, hopefully just about 6 more weeks and it will really start to cool off.

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Lauren said...

burberry brit is my fall scent too! it is so wonderful! enjoying your blog so far!