Thursday, October 9, 2008

Already in the holiday spirit!

Today I decided to get a jump start on the holidays and get my Christmas cards ordered. I have known all year which ones I wanted, I found these last year but had already ordered different ones, so I made a decision right then and there that this would be the card for 2008!

I am not usually in to the photo cards sense I do not have kids yet, so I am using a picture of Prancer from earlier this year.

I decided that it will be a deer themed Chirstmas this year. for many reasons...One being the Chirstmas card and another being this funky pink deer statue I found a couple months ago. You can find it at CSPost:

I guess I have a thing for deer sense my Chihuahua is named Prancer after Santa's reindeer. Prancer was a Chirstmas gift when I was in 4th grade and he kind of looks like a baby deer.

I am having trouble finding deer address lables, so I think I will order this stamp from Three Designing Women (the deer one obviously, not the train):

I can't wait for the cards to come in - I am off to work on my address list for the cards and then I will focus on the present - I am going to winner with G and his dad tonight and then coming home and putting out more fall decorations!!

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