Monday, November 17, 2008

The Christmas Shopping begins

So I started my Christmas shopping this weekend!! A friend and I shopped all day yesterday for decorations at TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls. I had the most luck at Marshalls and picked up some adorable things including 3 new reindeer figurines to add to the Reindeer Christmas 2008 decorating theme!! We had planned to go to Hobby Lobby but they were closed, so that is definetly on the agenda for later this week. Today I went shopping by myself for new winter clothes to take on my trip to Chicago next week. I did not find to much for the trip but I did get some goodies...A new sweater dress, a pair of wonderful work pants that I needed so badly, 2 pairs of shoes - a brown pair and a red gingham pair just for cost of the 2 pairs of shoes?? $28 at Rack Room Shoes!!, a beanie just like the one Elle Woods wore when she went with Paulette to get the dog back. I had seen the hat this weekend and put it down to think about it, a few minutes later I saw some lady had picked it up, I was so sad, but when I went back today it was there again :) so I snatched it up quick! I also got a pair of brown textured tights to wear with sweater dresses and another cute white button down with a skinny leopard print belt. So much fun stuff I cannot wait to wear!
Back to work tommorrow to finish everything up before the holiday. I work up until this Saturday and then am off for 9 days!!! I can't wait to go see my mom and stepdad in Chicago next week. And we are seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!
I want to have my house in perfect order before I leave so that as soon as we get home we can start decorating. I will be doing laundry and organizing all week and then my fabulous Molly Maids come next Monday before we leave so that the house is ready for the Holiday overhaul the second our plane hits the ground back in Austin on Saturday! (Yeah right, we may be a little tired for that, but at least we can start Sunday morning...)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

So I started blogging and got so into it and then had a crazy week at work and completely slacked on posting so I thought I would give a rundown of my rather uneventful yet relaxing weekend.

So it all starts with Halloween. For some reason I did NOT get in to it this year. I usually do because I love dressing up but this year I just never got too excited about it. So we just bought some candy to hand out and we stayed home. Ordinarily, I think I would be disapponted in myself and regret not going out but for some reason I am okay with my boring behavior....

On Saturday I had to work at the store from only 1:30-5:00. Me and Michelle, the store owner, have decided to start tag-teaming it on some Saturdays, so she worked in the morning and I came in to finished the day. I actually really liked it because I got to sleep in and then once I got there it went so fast because I was only there 3.5 hours.

After work I went to my friends birthday dinner at 219 West. This is one of my favorite places to go because they have 6 different menus based off of drinks. For example, they have the wine menu and one of the appitizers that goes with it is the cheese plate. Or on the tequilla menu they have telpaia is really fun! There was 6 of us so we ordered 6 different things and all shared, so delicious! The food and drinks were great, but the game that was going on simultaniously was not. UT lost to Texas Tech. After dinner, we went to meet up with my boyfriend and his friends to watch the end of the game and of course everyone was so sad. I am staying positive though...Everyone said next year would be our season so this year is just practice, and they actually did pretty well! My whole family went to Tech so I don't even want to hear what they have to say...I always go for Tech except when they are playing Texas so I was pretty disapponted :(

Today I did what I have not done in years... I pretty much stayed in bed all day watching tv. I watched an amazing amount of Clean House and Who's Wedding is it Anyway? and was just lazy and lethargic in general. G watched football, we got takeout from Galaxy Cafe and I drank some wine tonight but I have been completely lazy all day. wonderful.

I do not work Mondays so tommorrow is house cleaning day. I did do one load of laundry today but I have alot more to do tommrrow plus just getting the whole house in order for the week. yay (can you sense my excitment...)

I am going to be better this week about FUN posts...On google reader I keep starring all of these fun things I want to cook/make/try so this week is going to be "Implement Fun Ideas from Blog Friends Week" . I will post the schedule tommorrow!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coupon Giveaway

Kaybee has gotten her hands on a fabulous 30% off coupon for GAP/Old Navy/Bananna Republic and Piperlime.

Just leave her a comment and she will e-mail it over to you. I have not decided what I am getting yet but I can't wait to pick something fun!